Discover Kalahandi Youth Organisation

Together we can make a difference


Discover Kalahandi Youth Organisation is a Social organization based in Kalahandi & working for development of Kalahandi District of Odisha. “DKYO” is a platform provide the people to put forth their views to bring Positive Change in the Society so as to make it a better place for Living.


Odisha has the most poverty stricken district since decades. It has been experienced sever regional imbalance since a long time. Kalahandi District is one of them. Areas of Kalahandi are mostly tribal dominated which are lacking access to better social infrastructure like Health, Education, Communication, Water, Electricity and better living conditions and also deficient employment opportunities for the poor and marginalized section. Lack of people’s participation in public affairs are poor to meet the development challenge in many areas of Kalahandi. To address these pressing issues a group of Youth from all over Kalahandi has assembled during the year 2016 and formed an organisation named ‘Discover Kalahandi Youth Organisation’.

Discover Kalahandi Youth Organisation is an association of people who are striving towards the achievement of common goals and objectives. It is formed, managed and run by dedicated youth themselves for the growth and development of Kalahandi in particular and the community in general.

The youth of today are the leaders of the future. If the future is to be prosperous, the modern youth should perform their duties. DKYO is formed by dedicated youth from Kalahandi for a better cause and for the development of our motherland.




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